SIAF-ASIA is set up by a team of gallerists, artists and art professionals assisted by marketing professionals  and experienced fair organisers.  Like you, we are involved in selling art. Collectively as a team, we have abundant and extensive experience in the Singapore market, accumulated over decades of years in the industry.

We have observed how the art market has evolved and how it is still evolving. We realize that sales and marketing strategies by galleries that once worked are no longer effective in drawing in the buyers.

Buying trends in Singapore have shifted. Today, buyers prefer to  buy at big art fairs where they can view  the exhibits of several galleries and a spectrum of works from artists from all around the world at one spot. Buyers today want a wider selection, better pricing and good value all in all.

Over the past few years, we have seen a number of art fairs set up in Singapore. Not all of those fairs have met with sustainable success, although they continue to be regular events in Singapore.

There are two basic  prerequisites for a successful art fair, namely, high visitor traffic and  the right type of visitors. Without these fundamental requisites, exhibitors will often experience poor and disappointing sales.

The challenge for any fair organiser is essentially to bring in a high volume of visitors and the right type of visitors at that. In most cases organisers do not reach the numbers they claim to achieve. Visitor volume is not usually audited. Many organizers also resort to e-invitations to address failing visitor numbers. E-invitations not only compromise the quality of visitors but also negatively and naturally result in a lower percentage of sales in relation to the total number of visitors.

SIAF.ASIA is platformed on these two key fundamentals. To achieve the  target of 20,000 quality visitors, we will be sending out over 40,000 hard copy non transferable complimentary invitations to high networth individuals with a mean income of S$200,000pa. These are individuals with an anticipated high propensity to purchase luxury items and typically, to collect art.

After three years of meticulous planning, we are pleased to announce the inaugural SIAF.ASIA (Singapore International Art Fair, ASIA) which will be held at Suntec (Singapore’s premier exhibition and convention centre) from 10 to 13 May 2018.

Key Facts
• Singapore is the most affluent and established Art Market within the Asean countries.

• SIAF is organised by a team of vastly experienced Singaporean  art enthusiasts, including artists, gallerists and fair organisers who understand the Singapore art market.

• Three categories of artwork exhibits will be featured, namely, past Singapore Masters, new works & fair exclusives.

• Over 40,000 private invitations to targeted prospects with high propensity to buy art.

• Over 20,000 visitors  comprising  affluent expatriates, local art enthusiasts, new collectors and regular collectors are expected.

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